The Complete Ranger's Handbook is a sourcebook for the 2nd-edition ruleset of Dungeons & Dragons, detailing the ranger class. It contains a variety of information useful to playing ranger characters in the game, including kits, equipment, magic, and background.

Forest guardian, border runner, bounty hunter, and more - the full potential of the ranger class has never been plumbed. Until now. Come learn the inner most secrets of one of the most popular AD&D character classes. Details on every part of the ranger's life, from allied forest brethren to unusual outdoor equipment. With 15 new and exciting character kits, this book is an information-packed accessory for the AD&D Game. A special appendix give the rules for the original AD&D ranger class.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Character Creation
  • Chapter 2: Ranger Abilities
  • Chapter 3: Followers
  • Chapter 4: Ranger Kits
  • Chapter 5: Proficiencies
  • Chapter 6: Magic
  • Chapter 7: Equipment
  • Chapter 8: Role-Playing
  • Chapter 9: Rangers and Religion
  • Chapter 10: Forgatherings
  • Appendix: AD&D 1st Edition Ranger
  • Ranger Kit Sheet
  • Ranger Character Record Sheet

The book also includes 66 tables.



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