The Complete Thief's Handbook is an accessory for the 2nd-edition ruleset of Dungeons & Dragons, detailing the thief class. It contains a variety of information useful to playing thief characters in the game, including rules for locks and traps, poisons, animal assistance, new proficiencies, and special equipment. It also includes guidelines for role-playing thieves of different races and backgrounds; how a thieves' guild works and how to design one; handling con jobs; and running a campaign for groups of thief characters

Open locks; hide in shadows; move silently; find traps. If you thought that was all a thief was good for, think again. The masters of skulking and skullduggery are a force to be reckoned with. Is anyone or anything safe from a person who might be anywhere, anytime? Learn the thief's most closely guarded secrets in this devious accessory for the AD&D® game.


  • Chapter 1: Role-Playing Thieves
  • Chapter 2: Proficiencies
  • Chapter 3: Thief Kits
  • Chapter 4: Thieves' Guild
  • Chapter 5: Tools of the Trade
  • Chapter 6: The Arts of Deception: Classic Cons
  • Chapter 7: New Rules for Thieves
  • Chapter 8: The Thief Campaign


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