The Coral Kingdom, by Douglas Niles, is the second book in the Druidhome trilogy.

An epic sea voyage... a daring rescue... The Earthmother has returned to the Moonshaes. Now her mightiest druid, Robyn Kendrick, faces the greatest challenge of her life. Aided by a courageous Northman prince, her own daughters, and a crew of heroes, Robyn wages a desperate battle against the savage Claws of the Deep.

Summary Edit

The King Tristan Kendrick is captured by minions of Talos and held in the Coral Kingdom. His wife Robyn, his daughter Alicia, and her friends try to rescue him. They try to find a way to Synnoria, an elven kingdom. They obtain the help of Brigit Cu'Lyrran and make their way to Evermeet in order to get help to travel under the sea. From Evermeet, with the assistance of the elves, they travel to the Coral Kingdom and rescue the king.

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Characters Edit

Alicia KendrickBrandonBrigit Cu'LyrranDeirdre KendrickErashanoorHanrald BlackstoneItyak-OrtheelKeaneMalarMalawar/Coss Axell SiniothPallaryndPawldoRandolphRobyn KendrickTalosTavish


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