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The Dragon's Bestiary was a long-running column in Dragon magazine which introduced new monsters within specific themes. The series debuted in June 1979 (Dragon #26) and ended in September 2013 (Dragon #427).


Note that only articles relating to Realms canon (relating to the Forgotten Realms or Core D&D) appear here.

Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Dragon #26 Barghest Uncredited Stats for one of the most common denizens of Gehenna, the Barghest. [citation template]
Dragon #30 Dragon's Bestiary Ed Greenwood All about the Curst for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Ed Greenwood's first Dragon article. [citation template]
Dragon #32 Crawling Claw Ed Greenwood All about the Crawling Claw for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. [citation template]
Dragon #33 Dragon's Bestiary Roger E. Moore All about the Frosts or "Snow Fairies" for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. [citation template]
Dragon #40 Wingless Wonder Ed Greenwood A comical beast that resembles a walking egg. [citation template]
Dragon #41 The Silkie and Tomb Tapper Ed Greenwood and Tom Moldvay A race of wereseals. [citation template]
Dragon #43 Lythlyx Ed Greenwood A creature that resembles a spinning, rotating springs or corkscrews. [citation template]
Dragon #44 The Dragon's Bestiary Rich Baldwin and Roger E. Moore All about the Ice Golem. [citation template]
Dragon #46 Gaund Ed Greenwood A magical reptile. [citation template]
Dragon #48 The Dragon's Bestiary Roger E. Moore and Ernest N. Rowland A selection of underwater creatures, including the water-horse. [citation template]
Dragon #52 Rhaumbusun Ed Greenwood and Victor Selby A small, reptilian creature that can paralyze with it's gaze. [citation template]
Dragon #53 Argas James Hopkins II Reptilian creatures that devour metals to make themselves tougher. [citation template]
Dragon #53 Oculon Roger E. Moore An enchanted monster created by a high-level magic-user to act as an assistant or guardian. [citation template]
Dragon #53 Narra Jeff Goelz Creatures of extreme Lawful Good nature that work to further the cause of their alignment. [citation template]
Dragon #54 The Dragon's Bestiary Craig Stenseth, Ed Greenwood and Roger E. Moore All about the Boggart, the Stroan, and the Incubus for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. [citation template]
Dragon #55 The Dragon's Bestiary Craig Stenseth, Ed Greenwood, Erol Otus and Jeff Brandt All about the Devil Spider, Surchur, Dyll, and Poltergeist for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. [citation template]
Dragon #58 The Dragon's Bestiary Ed Greenwood and Roger E. Moore All about the Sull, Beguiler, and Magenta's Cat for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. [citation template]
Dragon #59 The Dragon's Bestiary Ed Greenwood, Michael Parkinson and Roger E. Moore Stats for three monsters: The Bleeder (a beholderkin) and the more legendary Stymphalian birds and spriggans. [citation template]
Dragon #61 The Dragon's Bestiary Ed Greenwood, Jeff Brandt, Theresa Berger and Willie Carlson The firetail, light worm, umbrae and tybor. [citation template]
Dragon #116 The Dragon's Bestiary Alex Gray, Gregg Chamberlain, Nick Kopsinis, Robert Maurus, and Spike Y. Jones New aquatic monsters. [citation template]
Dragon #118 The Dragon's Bestiary Ed Greenwood, Jeff MacArthur. K.L. Campbell Spiders for AD&D. [citation template]
Dragon #119 A Walk through the Woods Allan Hopkins, Arthur Collins, Douglas Lent, Ed Greenwood, Lance Hankins, Loran Wlodarski, Mark DeForest, Robert Benedetti, Samuel J. Offutt, and William L. Bowman Jr. A huge collection of woodland monsters. [citation template]
Dragon #127 Slimy, Gross, and Yucky Scott Bennie and Thomas M. Kane Stats for two slimes. [citation template]
Dragon #129 Colder than ice Dean Shomshak A collection of creatures related to cold. [citation template]
Dragon #133 All Giant Worms are Not Alike Kent Colbath Statistics for giant versions of various real-world worms. [citation template]
Dragon #134 Dragons of Earth, Sea, and Space Ed Greenwood, Gregory Detwiler, Jeffrey S. Johnson and Mike Persinger Seven dragons, from the deepest seas to astral space. [citation template]
Dragon #135 Trouble comes on little cat feet Scott Bennie The tibbit (cat-were). [citation template]
Dragon #139 Rare beasts of the Forgotten Realms setting Ed Greenwood Rare Forgotten Realms fauna. [citation template]
Dragon #140 Creatures of light and darkness Ed Greenwood New monsters from the Forgotten Realms setting. [citation template]
Dragon #141 Nonhuman creatures - with human form Gregg Sharp, Linda Hankins, Michael J. Szarmach, Ronald C. Morgan II, Scott Bennie, and Steve Sloane New humanoids. [citation template]
Dragon #146 All dragons, great and small David E. Cates, Gregory Detwiler, Malcolm Bowers, Mark Mathis and Randy Johns Not all new types of dragons are bad - only most of them! [citation template]
Dragon #149 Not quite horses--but perhaps better Kurt Martin 5 equine creatures. [citation template]
Dragon #150 All life crawls where mind flayers rule Stephen Inniss Dangerous fauna from the homeworld of the illithids. [citation template]
Dragon #151 Never forget, never forgive Sylvia Li The Wang-Liang, a long-lived race of mischievious giants with a curious grudge against humanity. [citation template]
Dragon #158 Two almost-but-not-quite dragons Spike Y. Jones and Steve Fetsch The Gorynych and the common Dragonet. [citation template]
Dragon #159 The call of the wildspace Harold Johnson, Timothy B. Brown, and Troy Denning 3 new monsters from space, formatted Monstrous Compendium style. [citation template]
Dragon #162 Two hauntingly good (but definitely bad) undead. Spike Y. Jones Two new undead. [citation template]
Dragon #163 A weaver of spells and disaster Ed O'Connell The spell weavers, alien mages from an alternate dimension. [citation template]
Dragon #165 Send your PCs on a fishing trip they'll always remember Tim Malto Two new aquatic monsters. [citation template]
Dragon #167 The Thorns that Bite, the Vines that Catch Gregg Chamberlain Vegetative monsters. [citation template]
Dragon #170 Give your campaign some heavy metal—dragons that is Jason M. Walker The ferrous metal dragons. [citation template]
Dragon #172 Attention: Underground adversaries seeking heroes to bash Anthony Gerard, Costa Valhouli and Spike Y. Jones New monsters for Undermountain. [citation template]
Dragon #174 Who guards the ioun stones? Here are some candidates Matthew P. Hargenrader New monsters connected to the Ioun stones. [citation template]
Dragon #180 Three peculiar beasts for all AD&D campaigns Spike Y. Jones A goat that knocks down walls, and a lizard that knocks down everything. [citation template]
Dragon #182 Some of the uglier branches of the dragons' family tree Gregory W. Detwiler Two of the uglier dragonkin. [citation template]
Dragon #186 Unique undead additions to your AD&D game campaign Spike Y. Jones Three unique undead horrors. [citation template]
Dragon #187 The wilderness isn't as nice as it used to be Malcolm Bowers and Spike Y. Jones Two new monsters of the wilderness. [citation template]
Dragon #191 Politeness counts when dealing with these denizens of Faerie-land Richard A. Hunt Two denizens of Faerie-land. [citation template]
Dragon #193 They came from the Outer Planes! Randy Maxwell Three creatures from the worlds beyond. [citation template]
Dragon #197 It's not a petting zoo Ed Greenwood Four new monsters from the Forgotten Realms setting [citation template]
Dragon #199 Those terrible trolls Alec Baclawski Discussion of trolls in D&D with some new species. [citation template]
Dragon #206 The Good, The Bad, and the Clumsy Spike Y. Jones Faerie creatures. [citation template]
Dragon #209 Brass Minotaur Don Webb A unique golem created to avenge the death of a man's wife. [citation template]
Dragon #209 Phantom Flyer Don Webb A creature created as a fast and silent flyer. [citation template]
Dragon #209 Burning Man Don Webb A fire machine created to lay waste to a troll army. [citation template]
Dragon #214 Kercpa Norman Abrahamsen Bipedal red squirrels that live in dense forests far away from civilization. [citation template]
Dragon #221 Lords of Chaos Edward Bonny The Slaad Lords. [citation template]
Dragon #223 Four Guardian Gargoyles John Baichtal Special gargoyles for your use. [citation template]
Dragon #227 Monsters of the Underdark Wolfgang Baur Underearth dwellers. [citation template]
Dragon #234 The Necromancer's Armory Rudy Thauberger The necromancer's weapons are walking nightmares. [citation template]
Dragon #235 Monsters of the Lower Deep Gregory D. Detwiler Venture too deep into the ocean's depths, and these are the fishes you'll end up feeding. [citation template]
Dragon #237 Venomous! Kevin Melka This article details a number of venomous creatures: snakes. [citation template]
Dragon #238 Spawn of the Sewers John Baichtal Right under your feet. [citation template]
Dragon #238 The Other Mummies Brian Walton and Richard Pengelly Hard-hearted killers from bogs and glaciers. [citation template]
Dragon #239 The Little People Brian Corvello Four tricky little fellows. [citation template]
Dragon #242 Talisman Servants Bruce Schmidt This article presents three talisman servants, special constructs created in ancient Netheril. [citation template]
Dragon #243 Magical Crossbreeds Johnathan M. Richards Armadillephant, dragonfly turtle, duckbunny, moat cat, spider-horse, and venom dog. Seriously. [citation template]
Dragon #247 The Anurans Johnathan M. Richards Frogs and toads. [citation template]
Dragon #248 Dragon-Kin Gregory W. Detwiler Dragon-like monsters. [citation template]
Dragon #250 Aquatic Creatures Johnathan M. Richards A small menagerie of new Aquatic Creatures. [citation template]
Dragon #251 Missing Links Johnathan M. Richards Monstrous evolutionary links. [citation template]
Dragon #252 Formidable Visitants Michael D. Winkle Four creatures adapted from the works of M.R. James. [citation template]
Dragon #254 Giants from the Grave Gregory W. Detwiler Undead giants. [citation template]
Dragon #259 Symbiotes and Parasites Johnathan M. Richards Hold still... you've got something on you. [citation template]
Dragon #266 Giant Lycanthropes Brian P. Hudson Really big werethings. [citation template]
Dragon #267 Designing Dungeon Monsters Gregory W. Detwiler Some underground monsters and advice on making more of the same. [citation template]
Dragon #268 The Lizard Folk Michael Kuciak This article discusses lizardfolk and suggests new varieties of subspecies. [citation template]
Dragon #269 Demihuman Pets Jack Pisker This article discusses the pets of different demihuman races. [citation template]
Dragon #271 'Beastly Research' Winners Leon Chang, Richard Sanders, and Talon Dunning Creature hybrids. [citation template]
Dragon #272 Diminutive Dragons James Wyatt From the familiar to the fantastic, these tiny dragons make perfect companions or pests. [citation template]
Dragon #281 Subterranean Scares Joseph R. Terrazzino Creatures of the Underdark. [citation template]
Dragon #284 Return of the Greater Drakes Johnathan M. Richards Aerial riding mounts. [citation template]
Dragon #292 Bad Seeds Ed Bonny, Skip Williams and Steve Winter Bad plants in the forest. [citation template]
Dragon #298 The Punishments of Lolth Eric Cagle When drow are punished, they are sometimes turned into a drider. [citation template]
Dragon #299 The Horrors of Cormyr Thomas Costa Monstrous monsters in the Realms. [citation template]
Dragon #300 Hellish Fangs on Abyssal Wings James Wyatt Demon dragons from the lower planes. [citation template]
Dragon #302 Construct of Destruction Eric Cagle Five New Golems. [citation template]
Dragon #367 Mindless Monstrosities Greg Bilsland Information on golems and oozes. [citation template]
Dragon #373 The Brood of Alloces Ari Marmell Known variably as the Prince of Beasts and the Butcher of Nessus, the devil Alloces is Hell’s own mad surgeon. Though his influence in the infernal hierarchy comes from his services as stable-master to Asmodeus and other archdevils, keeping and breeding their herds, his obsession, his love, and his greatest claim to infamy comes in his efforts to create new monsters. [citation template]
Dragon #420 Fey of Wood and Wind Steve Townshend In old cupboards and walls, beneath the thick underbrush of Faerie forests, in enchanted crystal caves, wee fey make their homes in places that big folk do not tread. We put some wee, and some not-so-wee, fey under the magnifying glass. [citation template]
Dragon Annual
Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Dragon magazine annual #1 Predators of the Underdark Keith Strohm The reason you should be afraid of the dark. [citation template]
Dragon magazine annual #2 Arctic Monsters Belinda G. Ashley Your heroes will find only cold comfort in the clutches of these monsters. [citation template]
Dragon magazine annual #3 Urban Pests Johnathan M. Richards What happens between adventures is often the talk of the town. [citation template]
Dragon magazine annual #4 The Ghazneths Troy Denning Only creatures as powerful as the ghazneths could threaten the kingdom of Cormyr. [citation template]
Dragon magazine annual #5 Children of Tharizdun James Jacobs Who knows what terrible fiends still lurk in undiscovered cult temples from the time of the Dark God? [citation template]