The Dream Spheres is the fifth book of the Songs & Swords series by Elaine Cunningham.

Welcome to Waterdeep.

Here, everything imaginable is for sale. Even dreams can be purchased if one is willing to pay the price

When the sale of dream spheres threatens the life of his newfound half sister, Danilo Thann joins forces with Arilyn Moonblade to uncover the source of this deadly trade. Their search leads them into the dark heart of Waterdeep, and to personal secrets that could destroy them both.


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AmnestriaArilyn MoonbladeArlos DezlentyrBelinda Gundwynd • Lord Boraldan IlzimmerBronwyn Caradoon • Lady Cassandra ThannCorin DezlentyrCorinna DezlentyrCynthiaDanilo ThannDiloontierEbenezerElaith CraulnoberEltonErrya EltorchulFoxfireGalinda RaventreeGarelith LeafbowerGunthurHaedrakHamishHectorHildagriffIsabeau ThioneJudith (Thann)JulianKhelben ArunsunKnuteLaerelLilly Thann • Lord Thesp EltorchulLord GundwyndMariceMaskar WandsMizzen DoarMonroeMunsonMyrna CassalanterNelsonOrwellOth EltorchulPegRegnet Amcartha • Lord Rhammas Thann • Captain RhepSibylanthra DezlentyrSimon IlzimmerThasilierThassitaliaVioletZorn
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AzounBranHannali CelanilKing ZoarMystraOghmaPiergeiron PaladinsonQueen AmlaruilQueen Zaranda


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IllithidRed dragon


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Balthorr's Rare & Wonderous TreasuresBlackstaff TowerBlackstone House • The Curious PastDiloontier's Fine PerfumesDryad's GardenEltorchul manorGreenglade Tower • The Laughing Mermaid • The Monster PitMoonbridgeMystra's ArmsPantagora's PoisonPantheon TemplePickled FishermanRiver RauvinSilken SlyphSoaring PegasusThann villa
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Baldur's GateCormyrEvermeetForest of TethyrHigh ForestMoonstone PalaceMulhorandOld EmpiresSkullportSword CoastTethyrZazesspur


Gemstone Ball
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Guild Wars


Crown of Hornsdream sphereLord's helmMhaorkiira Hadryadmoonblade


Amcathra bladeAuril Frostqueen (constellation)Elfmaid's TearsHarper pinmoonstone"My Love, She is a Wandering Rose"White Dragon


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