They are the favorite foes of many a party of adventurers. In these pages, the drow come to life, their culture and powers detailed fully for the first time. This guide presents new rules galore: new spells, new magical items, insight into the mysteries of Lolth, Monstrous Compendium entries for related monsters of the Underdark—and much, much more.

Learn all about the drow herein, from the words of the ancient elven sage Erlathan Greycloak:

"Proud, graceful evil. Cruelty personified; talent wasted, beauty lost in darkness."

to the lore of the great sage Elminster:

"Did I ever tell thee how close I came to having a drow wife? No? Well, then...


  • Chapter 1: The Nature of Dark Elves
  • Chapter 2: Dark Elven Society
  • Chapter 3: Drow Religion
  • Chapter 4: The High History of the Drow
  • Chapter 5: Drow Spells
  • Chapter 6: Drow Magical Items
  • Chapter 7: Drow Craftwork
  • Chapter 8: Drow Language
  • Chapter 9: Drow Nomenclature
  • Chapter 10: A Selected Glossary of Deep Drow
  • Chapter 11: Dark Elven Symbols
  • Chapter 12: The Spider and the Axe: War in the Depths
  • Chapter 13: The Underdark
  • Chapter 14: Monsters of the Underdark


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azmythdeep batdeep dragondeep rothédridermyrlocharnight hunterpedipalpsinistersolifugidspitting crawlersubterranean spiderwerebatyochlol






bracers of the blinding strikedart of blindingdart of screamingdart of silencingdart of stunningdart of vaporsdeath lancedriftdiscfire elemental gemfloatchesthouse insigniajade spiderlight pelletlurker cloakorb of duo-dimensionpotion of magic resistancering of anti-venomring of arachnid controlscroll of protection from earth and stonesignal speculumspider dartspider maskspider wandstaff of the abysstentacle rodwalking chestwand of acidic sphereswand of darknesswand of viscid globswhip of fangs
acid boltatonementbacklashblack blade of disastercontinual faerie firecontrol vapordark wingsdarkfiredeath spidergiant spiderhand of darknesslesser spellsongmindtouchpasswebrepulsionskyhooksoultheftspellsongspellwebspider bitespider climbspidereyesspiderformstopsummon spiderundead regenerationvenom immunityvipergoutwall of tentacleszin-carla


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