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The Eternal Boundary is a Planescape® AD&D 2nd-edition adventure module. It is the first adventure for the Planescape setting, and focuses on a few key areas of Sigil. The player characters are hired to locate a madman who holds the key to a portal, and explore the slums of the Hive, meet the Bleak Cabal at the Gatehouse, and parley with undead in the vaults of the Mortuary.

A planescape adventure that starts in Sigil. Inside this crossroads to the planes, a sinister plot unfolds, leading the heroes into the most dangerous and desperate part of town - the ramshackle slum known as the Hive in search of a madman names Eliath, who has information the PCs' employers want.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Hive
  • Chapter 2: The Mortuary
  • Chapter 3: The Eternal Boundary



  • Designers: Richard Baker
  • Editor: Georgia S. Stewart
  • Cover Artist: Robh Ruppel
  • Color Plates: Rick Berry, Ned Dameron, Alan Pollack
  • Cartographer: Rob Lazzaretti
  • Typography: Angelika Lokotz
  • Border Art: Robert Repp
  • Conceptual Artist: Dana Knutson
  • Graphic Design: Dawn Murin, Dee Barnett
  • Graphics Coordinator: Sarah Feggestad
  • Art Coordinator: Peggy Cooper
  • Project Coordinator: Dori Jean Hein
  • Electronic Prepress Coordinator: Tim Coumbe
  • Proofreader: Michele Carter

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