The Eye was the divine realm of the Faerûnian god of divination, Savras, the All-Seeing One.[1][2]

Location and DescriptionEdit

In the Great Wheel cosmology, the Eye lay on Arcadia's second layer, Buxenus.[1]

In the World Tree cosmology, it was part of the magical celestial plane of Dweomerheart. It was located below Mystra's city of Dweomerheart and adjacent to the realm of Azuth. Like the latter, it consisted of a number of caverns, though it was smaller in scope. Rumor had it that the thoughts of Savras, and thus knowledge about present, past, and future, echoed through these caves, though only a very strong mind might gather useful information. The atmosphere was not unlike that in Ilsensine's Caverns of Thought.[2]


The petitioners of Savras, many of them having been diviners, retained some magical power. Magic-seeking mercane could be found here, as well as inevitables and angels serving the All-Seeing One.[1][2]




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