The Forgotten God or the Faceless God was the mysterious savage deity that watched over the empire of the evil yak-men in the World Pillar Mountains in Zakhara's northeast.[1][2]

Its name was known by his followers only. It was called "the Forgotten God" or "the Faceless God" by outsiders, because it appeared like a giant yak-man in flowing robes, but without a face.[1][2] Some believed that the yak-men were the offspring of the Faceless God.[2] It was also believed that the deity thrived in general upon the success of the yikaria in building an empire that stretched out its feelers into the rest of Zakhara, and in particular upon gruesome sacrifices brought to him by his people.[2] The god was also known to personally appoint the rulers of the provinces of the Yikarian Empire, and its Lotus Emperor.[2]



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