The Fine Gold Chain was a popular adventurers' club in Memnon.[1]


This club was located in the northwestern drudach of the south-central sabban of Memnon.[1]


The Fine Gold Chain was nearly impossible to miss for a visitor to Memnon, owing to its unique architecture. The sandstone building was constructed to look like a castle right out of a fairy tale. It had rounded balconies, precarious bridges, and narrow turrets.[1]


The interior decor included carved gargoyles, which were often used for hanging customers' hats.[1]


The club was open to current and future adventurers and those desiring to learn about an adventurer's lifestyle. It was bustling with activity both night and day.[1]


The club was expensive, but everything was of excellent quality. Foods included an assortment of rare monster meats. The location was a site for recruitment sessions for adventuring companies and caravans. The latter groups commonly were seeking folk willing to serve as caravan guards on the journey across the Calim Desert. Retired or jobless adventurers would put on performances here or model for painters, and one could usually find members on staff who could appraise or repair weapons and armor. The bards' tales told here were always of legendary proportions.[1]


The proprietor, Jalavaerra Ishtra, was herself a retired adventuress.[2]