The Fractured Sky is the second book in The Empyrean Odyssey trilogy by Thomas M. Reid.

Kaanyr Vhok's howl of anguish and betrayal made Aliisza clamp her hands over her ears.

The half-demon who once led the Scoured Legion finds himself exactly where he wanted to be—in the heart of heaven—under exactly the wrong circumstances—bound by divine oath to the whims of an angel.

Aliisza laughed. "When all is said and done, I still serve one person only." Me, she silently added.

Tricked by her lover into a torturous imprisonment in heaven, the succubus Aliisza's learned the folly of depending on demons to keep her best interests at heart. Now she's looking forward to teaching him the same hard-earned lesson.

Delve into the endless expanse of the Forgotten Realms multiverse in the continuation of an epic adventure that crosses the planes of existence!

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Having successfully reached the House of the Triad by deceiving Kaanyr Vhok, the Cyricist priest Zasian Menz possesses the body of the storm dragon Tekthyrios and heads for the magical waters of the Lifespring. Along the way, Myshik Morueme, who had been following Zasian and Vhok, passes through the portal in the dragon's stomach and agrees to serve Tekthyrios, not knowing it is fact one of the men he is hunting.

Meanwhile, the astral deva Tauran convinces Vhok to agree to go under geas to help him stop Zasian in exchange for Vhok being allowed to bathe in the Lifespring, his goal all along. Aliisza joins Tauran, Vhok, and her Kael in searching for Zasian. As they search, destructive storms batter the plane as the gods Helm and Tyr fight in the heavens. Tauran and his group stop to rescue helpless citizens of the house, Vhok forced by the geas and Aliisza developing a moral code.

Tauran and his group stand before the High Council in Tyr's Court and proclaim their intentions to hunt down Zasian. The High Council refuses to be involved with fiends such as Vhok and Aliisza and orders Tauran to leave the matter alone. Tauran, however, feels that Tyr's judgment has been compromised and Cyric is involved, and so he feels obligated to continue his search even without the Council's approval. As they argue, Tyr slays Helm and the sky fractures, destroying the room where the High Council meets.

At the same time, Zasian and Myshik free Kashada the Nightwraith, a servant of Shar who had been imprisoned for twelve years after posing as Helm Dwarf-Friend's maidservant Ansa (the same role Aliisza had played before her capture by Banites). They head for the gateway between the House of the Triad and the World Tree, where they destroy a village of dryads in order to leave a trail for Tauran.

Tauran is attacked by his friend Micus and other archons, who believe that Tauran has lost his faith and become a rogue force. Vhok is captured but freed by Aliisza, who disguises herself as Micus. The group then travels to Dweomerheart to seek the aid of Savras the All-Seeing. They are detained by guards upon entering Dweomerheart and given food that puts them asleep. When they wake and realize they've been tricked, they escape, but not before learning that Micus is behind their detainment.

After escaping, Tauran and his group travel to the Third Eye, where they see visions of Zasian and Kashada stealing Azuth's staff for Cyric to kill Mystra. Somehow the group is split; Aliisza is left behind, while Tauran, Kael, and Vhok travel to the Hall of Petitions to warn Azuth. Micus approaches Aliisza and asks her to convince Tauran to stand down peacefully; Aliisza agrees, thinking she can prevent the chaos that would allow Zasian and Kashada to steal Azuth's staff. However, when the three groups converge — Tauran's group, Zasian and Kashada, and Micus and Aliisza — Kashada kills Zasian and is revealed to be an aspect of the goddess Shar.

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The Fractured Sky is also available in The Empyrean Odyssey omnibus.

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