The Gambling Ghost was a famous inn in Myratma popularized by its card-playing ghost.[1]


The inn was located in the center of the city, bordering a large park or plaza.[2]


The Gambling Ghost was well known for its delicious meals and comfortable guest rooms. The prices were fair owing to the presence of the resident ghost.[1]


The major factor in the inn's fame was in the fact that it was haunted by a ghost. For the most part, this undead creature was not malevolent; instead, it seemed to want to play card games. Once a night, a deck of cards would magically appear before one of the inn's patrons. If the guest refused play, the angered ghost would curse the chosen player with instant aging—possibly leading to death. If the player accepted, then the ghost would gamble a century-old platinum trade bar. If the ghost won the bet, it would magically refill all of the patrons' mugs. If it lost, it would shake the tables in anger and fill all mugs with dirty water. (Because of this, a winning guest was expected to buy a round of drinks for everyone, which could be more than afforded with the winnings.)[1]