Forgotten Realms: The Grand Tour is a comic published by TSR, Inc. as a limited edition release.


The Grand Tour plunges readers into the amazing world of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, a popular fantasy role-playing game rich in history, intrigue, mystery and incredible creatures. Prompted by his overzealous friends, young Preston boldly confronts the legendary wizard Elminster, seeking the position of apprentice. The powerful mage is more amused than annoyed, and soon the normally awkward young man finds himself spirited away on a journey through both Time and Space, facing one dangerous situation after another. Ancient races, lost kingdoms, and secret treasures are displayed for the young wizard’s hungry eyes, as well as several monstrous creatures straight from his worst nightmares. He soon realizes he’s no match for the deadly forces Elminster faces on a daily basis, but at least he walks away from the encounter alive and with an amazing story for his friends.


AliasBobbyDianaDragonbaitEd GreenwoodElminster AumarEricHankJhaele SilvermaneJulia MartinPrestoQilué VeladornSheilaVolothamp Geddarm
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Azoun Obarskyr IVCatti-brieDrizzt Do'UrdenFyodorGromph BaenreGuenhwyvarKhelben ArunsunLiriel BaenreSimbulVangerdahast AeiulvanaWulfgar
dire wolfdrowelfgnollhumanogreorcsharntreant
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Sea Sprite
Inns & Taverns
Old Skull Inn
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AmnBaldur's GateCalimshanHalruaaMenzoberranzanMithral HallIcewind DaleLantanNimbralRuathymSembiaTethyrTurmishWestgateZhentil Keep
Sword CoastWestern Heartlands
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MoonseaMoonshae IslesSavage FrontierSea of SwordsSpine of the World
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Inner SeaSea of SwordsSpine of the World
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High Captains of LuskanHouse Do'Urden
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  1. There are several different dates stated in The Grand Tour, but each event points back to material being written in the beginning of 1996 (real-world time). Qilué Veladorn states that "Drizzt is currently hunting pirates along the Sword Coast". Thus placing the comic when Drizzt and Catti-brie are sailing with Deudermont, which is between the novels: Siege of Darkness (released August 1994) and Passage to Dawn (released August 1996), placing the comic between 13581364 DR. Elminster, however, states that Azoun Obarskyr IV was on his death bed, which explicitly happened in 1369 DR from Cormyr: A Novel (released July 1996). Qilué explains the happenings of Liriel Baenre, concurrent with events that happen in 1361 DR from Tangled Webs (released April 1996). The blurb states that Elminster and Presto travel in space, as well as time (though this may be figurative), so this may be the correct explanation to account for the apparent inconsistency. It is also possible that Qilué and/or Elminster were behind/incorrect in their timings.
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