"A village is only as livable as its surroundings. We are caretakers not only of our homes, but of our world."Inum

Strange sentiments, perhaps, from one who lives in what many perceive as a frozen wasteland, but the philosopher Inum speak for the Ulutiun people of the Great Glacier. Their tribes share that icy landscape with arctic dwarves who enjoy sun-bathing, sled-animals that are hardier than dogs, and fierce monsters that live nowhere else - and thrive in the freezing air.

The Great Glacier is the first supplement for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting to detail an Inuit-based culture. In this booklet is fact-based information on building a snow-house, suviving in sub-zero temperatures for extended periods of time, and more ideas for fantasy campaigning in an arctic setting. For those who are tired of the normal, temperate, "you-meet-in-the-tavern-and-proceed-to-go-adventuring" games, here's something completely different.

Make sure your characters dress warmly - it gets nippy at night on the Great Glacier.[4]

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