The Great Realms in the Stars was a significant philosophical dissertation on the subject of cosmology. It was written by Jhevven Dree during the early 14th century DR.[1]


Within the book, the author introduced the idea of elven skyships and explored the possibility of other worlds to which they may have traveled. He offered enough details about these locations, along with those about other planes of existence, to suggest that he had visited them personally.[1]

Dree implied that the divinity of the gods was derived from the energy of these other worlds. He believed they could draw upon these forces and imbue these worlds with a portion of their own divinity, thereby ensuring it could not be affected by any living mortal. He theorized that mortal beings could achieve this same fate through mastery of the Art.[1]


Great Realms was considered an important work as was not written with a bias towards a particular deity of the Faerûnian pantheon, as many others philosophical writings were.[1]



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