The Halls of Stormweather, a novel in seven parts, is the first installment of the Sembia: Gateway to the Realms series, exploring the merchant-nation of Sembia.

Sembia is a land of wealth and power, where rival families buy and sell everything imaginable—even life itself.

In that unforgiving realm, the Uskevren family may hold the rarest commodity of all: honor.

But even they have their secrets, and at least as many enemies.

This anthology of seven stories introduces not just one realm of good and evil, not just one family of troubled heroes, but the whole of the remarkable FORGOTTEN REALMS world. Their adventure, and yours, begins here.

Chapters Edit

Editorial – Philip Athans
  1. "The Burning Chalice" – Ed Greenwood (12931369 DR[1])
  2. "Song of Chaos" – Richard Lee Byers (1370 DR[1])
  3. "Night School" – Clayton Emery (1370 DR[1])
  4. "The Price" – Voronica Whitney-Robinson (1370 DR[1])
  5. "Thirty Days" – Dave Gross (1370 DR[1])
  6. "Resurrection" – Paul S. Kemp (1370 DR[1])
  7. "Skin Deep" – Lisa Smedman (1370 DR[1])


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