The Immer Inn was a lavish inn found in Immersea known for its superb wine selection and exorbitant prices.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

The proprietors spared no expense in an attempt to make this former manor house resemble a palace of sorts. Decorations included gilded columns, brass fern planters, and carved wind charms.[1]

Activity[edit | edit source]

At 30 gold pieces per night the Immer Inn was easily the most expensive place to sleep in Immersea. Each guest was afforded a personal waiter and chambermaids were available on each floor who could be summoned by ringing a bell.[1]

Though there were no single rooms to be had, each suite was connected to a bath chamber, receiving room, and wardrobe. A pair of bedrooms were connected to each suite and were utterly sound-proofed.[1]

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