The Jungles of Chult is a sourcebook set in the Forgotten Realms using the 2nd-edition Dungeon & Dragons ruleset, published in 1993. It details the land of Chult.

Come, all ye seekers after treasure beyond your ken and adventure greater than any you can dream!

Come, all ye mighty warriors, seekers after prey worthy of your peerless skills, and stalk the Children of Ubtao. Walk the streets of the city of Mezro, of the Maze of Life. Meet the barae, the holy warriors of Ubtao, those men and women who will live forever sustained by their wisdom and their faith.

Wizards, be prepared for new magical spells and new methods of magic use based on gemstones.

Search the jungles of Chult for the fabled emerald mines, for the Heart of the Jungle, a single gem as large as a man's heart.

Also within these pages are new monsters and new character kits: Mage hunters, specialty priests of Ubtao, and spiritlords.

This adventure is designed for 6 to 8 characters of levels 5 to 8.


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Alisanda RayburtonArvoDhlamass RayburtonElijah MoonspeakFipyaIbn EngarukaInyaga EngarukaKwaluMainuOsaw IRas NsiZrumya


aldanibhaergalaconstrictor snakedeinonychusdruiddwarfeblisfinhead saurialgiant flygoblingorgosaurusjeklpa vinemonkey spidermonocloniuspseduodragonptera-menpterosaurussnapper-sawteratosaurusviper vinewizardzombie


Buildings & Sites
Shrine of the HeartTemple of UbtaoWyrmheart Mine
Fort BeluarianMezroPort CastigliarPort Nyanzaru
Peaks of FlameValley of Lost HonorWild Coast


BaraBatiriEshoweHarpersKuro clanTabaxiTriceratops Society





bytter nutfeather skinKerriemenga leafryath rootsinda berrywildrootYklwa


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