The Lady's Favor was a temple of Tymora in the hamlet of Sevenecho in the Vast.[1]


The temple was built in the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, becoming the first real temple in Sevenecho. His Most Blessed of Fate Randolph dul Umast was appointed its first high priest and he demonstrated himself to be a wise and capable leader of the local priesthood.

Around Kythorn of the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, a convoy secretly transported the torque of faith, a holy item of Tymora, to The Lady's Favor. However, the Vipers bandits attacked the convoy, massacred its guardians, and looted its wealth, including the torque. The Tymorans in Procampur were outraged and Randolph hired the ranger Dura Gerathu to locate the Vipers' Nest.

On the 1st Eleint, one of the hamlet's wells was poisoned, killing a few villagers and sickening twenty two more. The priests of Tymora treated them but found that their magic could do nothing to identify or cure the poison, and they were forced to rely on non-magical treatments. The temple facilities could not cope with the number of sick, so a tent was erected outside to house the overflow. Randolph sought adventurers to seek the poison ingredients or a cure, and return the torque of faith if they should find it.[1]


In addition to standard temple facilities, The Lady's Favor had rooms for the treatment of up to six sick or injured people.


The priesthood of The Lady's Favor were under the authority of their superiors in Procampur,[1] from the Lady's Happy Hall temple.[3]

The temple was led by the high priest, His Most Blessed of Fate Randolph dul Umast. Lessa Amyselnar was a priestess of the temple.[1]


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