The Legend of Drizzt: Sojourn #3 is the third and final issue in the graphic novel version of R.A. Salvatore's novel Sojourn.

War comes to Mooshie's Grove, and Montolio DeBrouchee and Drizzt must defend the place by themselves. The orc chieftain Graul has been joined by Drizzt Do'Urden's old enemies Roddy McGristle, and Tephanis who has allied himself with the great Winter Wolf Caroak.

They are successful, leaving Drizzt, Guenhwyvar, and Montolio to live out the coming winter in peace. Montolio passes away just as the first winter snows begin to fall. Drizzt moves on, going from town to town, and facing rejection after rejection at each guarded gate.

After falling in with a group of Weeping Friars, he learn about the settlements known as Ten Towns in the frozen north of Icewind Dale. Traveling there, he is yet again turned away at the largest settlement, Bryn Shander, but is told by the town Spokesman, Cassius, that he can prove his worth to the community by serving as watchman atop Kelvin's Cairn.

Drizzt is soon met by Cattie-brie, a human fosterling taken in by the local dwarven King, Bruenor Battlehammer. Though she has heard about the atrocities perpetrated by evil drow, she is not afraid of him, and soon develops a fast friendship with the dark elf. Even when Bruenor discovers the relationship, and forbids it, she continues to sneak out and meet with him as often as she can.


Bruenor BattlehammerCaroakCassiusCattie-brieDrizzt Do'UrdenGraulGuenhwyvarHooterMontolio DeBroucheeRoddy McGristleTephanis
Rauvin Mountains
FrozenfarIcewind DaleLuruarSavage FrontierSilver Marches
Bryn ShanderCitadel AdbarTen-TownsWestbridge
Mooshie's Grove

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The The Legend of Drizzt: Sojourn Graphic Novel series was reprinted in 2006 as a paperback omnbius by Devil's Due Publishing. It was released as a paperback omnibus in December 2015 by IDW Publishing.




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