The Living City was a column by various authors published in Polyhedron Newszine. This column centred on the RPGA Living City Adventures, set in Ravens Bluff. It explored various establishments, organizations and individuals. It also offered several adventures for players.

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Note that only articles relating to Realms canon (relating to the Forgotten Realms or Core D&D) appear here.

Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Polyhedron #37 Open Scalery Rollin Ehlenfeldt We visit the Open Scalery this month, a fish market in Ravens Bluff with two unusual owners. [citation template]
Polyhedron #39 Tym's Supple Leather Shoppe Steve Thearle The prices are low and the quality is high at Tym's Supple Leather Shoppe in Raven's Bluff. [citation template]
Polyhedron #40 The Black Lotus Rollin Ehlenfeldt Stroll into the Black Lotus, an apothecary shop with special clients. [citation template]
Polyhedron #41 Volodar's Stardust Inn Kip Allen Stop by the Stardust Inn in Raven's Bluff if you have a few gold pieces to spend. Good food, good entertainment, and good times await. [citation template]
Polyhedron #42 Crescent Moon Rollin Ehlenfeldt Is there a fortune in your future? Step into the Crescent Moon and Kisandra will reveal all. [citation template]
Polyhedron #43 Angel Vince Garcia This irascible character wanders the streets of Raven's Bluff. Be careful if he wanders into you. [citation template]
Polyhedron #44 Angel Joseph Wichmann Shop for an adventure in the Ravens Bluff Open Air Farmers Market. [citation template]
Polyhedron #45 Angel James Lowder The Friendly Familiar Pet Shop is a shop in Raven's Bluff that is filled with lots of furry and feathered faces looking for a good home. [citation template]
Polyhedron #46 Embrol Sludge's Eatery and Shell Shoppe Randall Lemon Embrol Sludge's Eatery and Shell Shoppe is a dining establishment located near the wharfs in Raven's Bluff serves up fine food, a friendly atmosphere, and lets diners purchase jewelry while they wait. [citation template]
Polyhedron #46 Skully's Bar and Bait Halina Adamski Skully's Bar and Bait in Raven's Bluff offers hot meals and food for eels. But it is not a place for PCs with weak stomachs. [citation template]
Polyhedron #47 Burnhart's Outfitting Rollin Ehlenfeldt Burnhardt's Outfitting in Raven's Bluff stocks just what the well-traveled adventurer needs. But watch out for the proprietors. [citation template]
Polyhedron #48 The Glow Shop Fran Hart The Glow Shop in Raven's Bluff carries candles, lamps, and a variety of other light sources to keep your player characters out of the dark. [citation template]
Polyhedron #49 The For-Rest Inn Mike Selinker The For-Rest Inn, an unusual establishment nestled in a garden in Raven's Bluff, is filled with whimsical and magical personalities. [citation template]
Polyhedron #50 The Brothers Galgolar Pawnshop James Lowder Need a loan? The Brothers Galgolar pawnshop probably can help, depending on what you've got for collateral. [citation template]
Polyhedron #50 The Toysmiths Steve Morton The Brothers Gaewilder are two reasons why Raven's Bluff has some of the happiest children in the Realms. [citation template]
Polyhedron #51 The Downunda Patisserie Wes Nicholson The Network's Australian Regional Director gives us The Downunda Patisserie, a tasteful Ravens Bluff business. [citation template]
Polyhedron #52 The Ravens Bluff Sanitation Facility James P. Buchanan The city streets are clean, but not necessarily safe, thanks to the Ravens Bluff Sanitation Facility. [citation template]
Polyhedron #53 The Ravens Bluff Sanitation Facility Fran Hart The business climate is cool at the Ice House, but the establishment should send pleasant chills up your player characters' spines. [citation template]
Polyhedron #54 Lyle's Fine Cloaks Fran Hart Step inside Lyle's Fine Cloaks and browse through the racks. The cloakmaster and his son produce some of the finest garments in the Realms. [citation template]
Polyhedron #55 Shrine of Honest Toil Thomas M. Kane Pay up! or do a stint at the Shrine of Honest Toil in Ravens Bluff. [citation template]
Polyhedron #56 Black Dugal's Music Shoppe Jim Dawson and John Miller At Black Dugal's Music Shoppe in Ravens Bluff, the instruments are of the finest quality. And some produce a magical note or two. [citation template]
Polyhedron #57 Burton's Bouncing Bears Eric Scott Vaughn Burton's Bouncing Bears offer patrons of the Mooney & Sons Circus a show they'll never forget. [citation template]
Polyhedron #58 Of Wits and Wizards, A Logic Puzzle Rob Nicholls Can you solve a mysterious theft before the dreaded Vulture gets his due? A logic puzzle set in Ravens Bluff. [citation template]
Polyhedron #59 The Two Brothers' Butchery Eric Kemper and Terence Kemper The Two Brothers' Butchery in Ravens Bluff offers patrons meat, cheese, and other fine provender at good prices, but the business houses secrets even its employees don't know about. [citation template]
Polyhedron #60 The Dancing Bear Inn Eric Kemper and Terence Kemper The Dancing Bear Inn in Ravens Bluff is filled with fine food, fast-paced entertainment, and quick-fingered thieves. [citation template]
Polyhedron #61 Port of Ravens Bluff Lew Wright and Terry Wright The Sunfish and the Eldritch, Lightfoot, Findrol & Company Worldwide Import/Export are integral parts of Ravens Bluff's docks and will yield an adventure or two. [citation template]
Polyhedron #62 As The Vine Twines Gregory Failing As The Vine Twines, Ravens Bluff's choice vineyard and winery, caters to nobility and adventurers - who are old enough to drink. [citation template]
Polyhedron #64 Wu Ling's traveling Magic Lantern Show Gary M. Williams Professor Wu Ling's Magic Lantern display thrills audiences throughout Faerûn. Let him add some showmanship to your campaign. [citation template]
Polyhedron #65 Holly's Mill Gregory Failing and Wayne Straiton Holly's Mill, an establishment to delight thirsty player characters, provides an assortment of NPCs for your Ravens Bluff Campaigns. [citation template]
Polyhedron #66 Oljagg's Rag and Bottle Shop Gary M. Williams Stroll into Oljagg's Rag and Bottle Shop in Ravens Bluff for an odd item or two. [citation template]
Polyhedron #67 Sigil of the Silent Night Ben Robbins The Sigil of the Silent Night watches over businesses in Ravens Bluff. [citation template]
Polyhedron #69 Ye Olde Bluff Jeweler Alan Zak All that glitters can be found at Ye Olde Bluff Jeweler in Ravens Bluff. [citation template]
Polyhedron #70 Signs Painted Joe Littrell Signs Painted, an artful business in Ravens Bluff run by a man with an unfortunate past, could lead to adventure - if the Zhentarim pay a visit. [citation template]
Polyhedron #70 The Red Ravens James P. Buchanan The Red Ravens, Ravens Bluff's Volunteer Fire Department, can heat up your Forgotten Realms setting campaigns. [citation template]
Polyhedron #72 Swimming Lessons Tim Beach A peace-loving trio of Ravens Bluff residents will have even the worst landlubbers swimming in no time. [citation template]
Polyhedron #73 Enchanted Items For Your Campaign Vince Garcia Two rings, a helm, a tapestry, and a splash of water add a touch of magic to the game. [citation template]
Polyhedron #74 The Ill Eagle Inn Christopher Earley The Ill Eagle Inn in Ravens Bluff features fine cuisine, an unusual mascot, and several more services that don't meet the casual visitor's eye.Two rings, a helm, a tapestry, and a splash of water add a touch of magic to the game. [citation template]
Polyhedron #75 Eye Of Newt and Food For Familiars Carla Hollar The Kettle of Many Things and Mirigan's Complete Components will fill your player characters purses with spell materials and their stomachs with wondrous, warm food. This was the winning entry in our Network club Living City neighbors contest. [citation template]
Polyhedron #76 Eye Of Newt and Food For Familiars David Carl Argall Find out why Ravens Bluff's city treasury could become a bone of contention - and a swinging bachelor pad. [citation template]
Polyhedron #77 Elonia's Beauty Shoppe Jack Graham A few coins and a few hours at Elonia's Beauty Shoppe can turn even a modest citizen into a temporary star. [citation template]
Polyhedron #78 Elonia's Beauty Shoppe Randall Lemon Meet the businessmen who've banded together at Arts' Haven, an old brownstone in Ravens Bluff that is home to music, portraits, tall tales, and a tragic past. [citation template]
Polyhedron #79 The Painted Boat Restaurant Terence Kemper and Eric Kemper Something fishy is going on with the owners of The Painted Boat, a restaurant surrounded by the water of the Dragon Reach. [citation template]
Polyhedron #81 Renegade's Run Mike Selinker It's an adventure! It's a puzzle! This scenario for solo or multiple players of Levels 2-4 will have you looking through the streets and sewers for an able thief. [citation template]
Polyhedron #82 The Sapient Sorcerer Jim Dawson and John Miller The Sapient Sorcerer, a magic shop run by an addle-brained wizard, could pose a threat to the Lord Mayor of Ravens Bluff. [citation template]
Polyhedron #83 The Lord Thief-Taker David Cook The Lord Thief-Taker of Ravens Bluff is not one to take lightly - if you value your wealth or your neck. PCs crossing his path can survive, if they have pockets full of gold and the good sense to spend it. [citation template]
Polyhedron #84 The Bandaged Wound Steven Kydd The Bandaged Wound caters to the wealthy and the poor, adventurers and common folk.The Lord Thief-Taker of Ravens Bluff is not one to take lightly - if you value your wealth or your neck. PCs crossing his path can survive, if they have pockets full of gold and the good sense to spend it. [citation template]
Polyhedron #84 Traagor's Tours and Souvenir Shop Halina Adamski Traagor's Tours and Souvenir Shop holds tunics, steins, and adventure! Lose yourself in Ravens Bluff on a special guided jaunt. [citation template]
Polyhedron #86 Friar Cookpot Scott Douglas and Craig Petillo Friar Cookpot offers passersby in Ravens Bluff mouth-watering victuals and more than a little smooth talk. [citation template]
Polyhedron #88 The Ravens Bluff Diviner's Guild Walter Roberts Visit the Ravens Bluff Diviner's Guild for great deals on potions of clairaudience. [citation template]
Polyhedron #90 Master Etcheen's Chess Shop Brien J. Miller The master player is also a master craftsman residing in Ravens Bluff in Master Etcheen's Chess Shop. [citation template]
Polyhedron #91 The Swineherd's House Terence Kemper Just outside Ravens Bluff, mystery and the supernatural add excitement to an otherwise ordinary family. [citation template]
Polyhedron #92 Vast Brewing Company James P. Buchanan It's the first thing any adventurer demands upon arriving at an inn, but who brews all that beer?. [citation template]
Polyhedron #93 Underdeveloped Real Estate - Tower Aqueduct James P. Buchanan There goes the neighborhood! Help the landlord evict some unwelcome tenants from his unusual land parcel. But first you must find them! [citation template]
Polyhedron #94 Myriad's Fencing School Lee Sheppard Learn to fence, or improve your skill at Myriad's Fencing School in Ravens Bluff. [citation template]
Polyhedron #95 In the Compter David Cook Crime and punishment in the Living City are as horrific as the offenses. Here are the prisons characters can expect to visit if they're caught breaking the law in Ravens Bluff. [citation template]
Polyhedron #96 Rose's Tea Room Bob Kindel When the taverns and bars are too full of rowdy patrons, retire to Rose's Tea Room in Ravens Bluff for a nice hot cup of tea. It's a lovely place to escape the riff-raff...isn't it? [citation template]
Polyhedron #97 Champion of the Games Harold Johnson Charles Oliver O'Kane has ruled Ravens Bluff for three decades. What makes him so secure in this previously ever-changing position? [citation template]
Polyhedron #97 The Hand of Mercy and Marigold's Menagerie Nicky Rea In Ravens Bluff, the Hand of Mercy Children's Hospital and Orphanage and Marigold's Menagerie bear a striking resemblance to two of the Network's favorite causes. [citation template]
Polyhedron #103 The Horse Businesses Terence Kemper A description of the services to be found in Anvil Alley in Raven's Bluff and some adventure hooks relating to them. [citation template]
Polyhedron #105 Misti's Moonlight Pawnshop Terence Kemper One of the shadiest establishments in the Living City. [citation template]
Polyhedron #105 Talon's Tattoo Parlor Eric L. Boyd The place to become an illustrated man—or elf, or dwarf, or gnome, or... [citation template]
Polyhedron #122 Sanguine Remembrances of Ravens Bluff David W. Baker Why Dave Baker is worked up about the world's largest shared-world campaign, the Living City. [citation template]

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