The Living Jungle was an RPGA campaign set in the rainforests of the Malatran Plateau. It was a spin-off of The Living City campaign and was coordinated by Kevin Melka and Dave Gross. The campaign was later taken over by Tom Prusa, who was joined by Steve Jay, who went on to become Story Arc Coordinator.

Like other Living campaigns, the actions of the players affected the entire campaign. It differed from others, however, owing to the low-magic nature of the campaign and the stress of roleplaying over combat.

The Living Jungle survived briefly during the 3rd edition of Dungeons & Dragons but mostly used the 2nd edition ruleset. A total of eighty modules were published in all between February 1995 and August 2003 with another module written by Steve Jay, intended to restart the campaign, published in 2007. The attempted restart did not reach fruition, most likely due to a lack of support and the advent of the 4th edition ruleset.