The Lost One was a deity worshiped on the island of Afyal in Zakhara's Crowded Sea before the coming of the enlightened gods.[1] Rumor had it that the Lost One fled Afyal before the advance of the followers of Selan to some place in the Crowded Sea, shedding his name in the process, but idols of his elephant-headed humanoid form could still be found in many remote places of the Isle of the Elephant.[1][2][3]

Secret of the Lost OneEdit

Predating Zakhara's dominant culture of Enlightenment, the Lost One was considered a forgotten, savage god, but he was also a benevolent deity.[4] Instead of fleeing Afyal, he somehow transferred his essence into the elephants of the island, which showed unusual intelligence.[4] The Lost One also manifested himself as light emitting from one of his statues, and he could enchant people to create elephantine figures and compose poetry in the ancient language of Affa.[4][3]




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