The Low Lantern was a converted three mast ship used as a festhall, tavern, and gambling house in Baldur's Gate. It was often used as a place for covert meetings.[3]


The Low Lantern was moored up in the harbour of Baldur's Gate near to one of the Undercellar's many exits.[4] As of 1366 DR the Low Lantern cruised around the harbour at night[4] but by 1482 DR it stayed at its mooring permanently.[3]


The Low Lantern was once a well-kept sea faring vessel[4] but by 1482 DR it was listing to one side and leaked often. The ship had three masts.[2]


There were at least three levels below the upper deck. The first two decks were filled with bars and gambling tables. The lowest deck was split into small rooms that were available to rent. These rooms were often used by courtesans.[1] By 1482 DR, leaks were a regular occurrence in the ship.[3]


The Low Lantern was often rowdy and loud.[3] There was an unspoken rule among the regular patrons regarding outsiders; don't pull a weapon unless they draw first.[2] Wedding celebrations were often held on the upper deck and in the rigging.[4]


The drinks served at the Low Lantern were said to be some of the most expensive in the Sword Coast.[4] For a fee, special parties in the rigging and sail booms can be arranged.[3]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Some people believed the that Laraelra Thundreth worked for the Guild. Despite their suspicions, the crew of the Low Lantern will adamantly deny these rumours.[2]


The patrons of the Low Lantern were made of thugs, rogues and pirates. The Low Lantern was popular with halflings.[2] The workers at the Low Lantern were known as the "crew" and they were made up of ex-pirates. As well as serving the patrons, the "crew" also quell large brawls and prevent fires.[3]





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