Volo's rating system
4 coins
5 tankards

The Moon and Stars was, according to Volo, one of the greatest taverns in all of the Realms.[1]


Located relatively close to Suzail, it was accessible enough to be convenient yet far enough to avoid frightening the capital's meeker inhabitants. It was the gathering place in Cormyr for all sorts of exalted and colorful characters, from pirates to centaurs and faerie dragons.[2]


Also full of intrigue, the Moon and Stars had more than once been the meeting place for the less-than-friendly organizations of Faerûn to gather in a civilized manner. Pirate lords, Blades from Mulmaster and agents from Thay have all met with Vangerdahast, his senior advisers or nobles of Cormyr to discuss foreign affairs within the walls of this establishment in order to avoid a public rendezvous that could end in disaster.[1]


With all the potential for danger and conflict that surrounded the Moon and Stars, order must be kept and a feeling of safety must be maintained for the varied clientele. This was accomplished by a veteran staff of rangers and ex-adventurers, along with a war wizard or two, who were all allowed weapons within the tavern's walls.[2]


Considering the high profile of much of the Moon and Stars' clientele, the tavern offered private drinking chambers for those who wanted or needed to be discreet. As such the average visitor would not see any venerated heroes or other exalted folk, but rather witnessed only the passing parade, while they enjoyed the hot buns spread with pâtés, the diced fruit and pickles or the cheese-stuffed fried mushroom caps served. All of these delicious dishes were of course accompanied by a selection from the superb wine cellar the Moon and Stars had to offer or one of the substantial varity of brews and ales it had available.[1]


The Moon and Stars had a rich and notable history. For one it was the venue where Florin Falconhand of the Knights of Myth Drannor first met Dove, the woman he would later marry. It was also the place where King Azoun was attacked by a Zhentarim mage who shapechanged into the form of a beholder. The perpetrator was slain by a disguised ki-rin, quietly playing cards in the corner of the tavern.[2]