The Neverwinter Saga is a tetralogy of novels written by R.A. Salvatore that feature Drizzt Do'Urden as the main protagonist. They are set around the fourth-edition events involving Neverwinter. The tetralogy begins with Gauntlgrym, which begins twenty-four years after the events of The Ghost King and covers the time period until 1462 DR. (Gauntlgrym is also the twentieth book concerning Drizzt Do'Urden.) The saga continues with Neverwinter, Charon's Claw, and The Last Threshold. This tetralogy is preceded by the Transitions series. The first novel in The Sundering series, The Companions, picks up immediately where The Last Threshold ends.



There is also a series of comics that take place during the Neverwinter Saga. They are not officially part of the tetralogy but are closely connected.

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