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The Price of Beauty was a book of self-care written by Sylvarie Silversong.[1]


The book was 8 inches (20 centimeters) wide and 14 inches (0.36 meters) tall, bound in a soft green leather, and set with clasps made of gold. An oval mirror surrounded with a gold frame styled like locks of hair was embedded into the front cover of the book, and gave off auras of illusion and conjuration magic. The book itself also gave off a scent of lillies.[1]


The book was known to speak to some of those who read it, with the visage of Sune, goddess of beauty, replacing the reflection of whoever gazed into the mirror. The illusion itself was not sentient, but it could still speak and answer simple questions, offering advice on self-confidence and grooming. As it did so, it would show the creature that was gazing into the mirror, but changing and grooming their skin, hair, makeup, and clothing. It was also filled with a plethora of beautiful drawings and illustrations of woodland scenes, art, and jewelry.[1]


Within the book, there was delicate handwriting in the form of short prayers and meditations dedicated to seeking self-worth, techniques for massage and healing, tips for channeling self-love and inner beauty, and recipes for creating balms and cosmetics. The last page conatained an inscription by the author, Sylvarie Silversong, reading: "A mirror is a gateway to happiness, truth, and to accepting ourselves."[1]


As of 1492 DR, a copy was being kept within Candlekeep.[1]




Candlekeep Mysteries: "The Price of Beauty"