The Rage is the first book in The Year of Rogue Dragons by Richard Lee Byers.

Renegade dragon hunter Dorn hates dragons with a passion few can believe, let alone match. He has devoted his entire life—a life spent in the twisted body of a half-golem—to killing every dragon he can find.

You might feel the same way if one of them had killed your entire family in front of your eyes, bitten you in half, and left you for dead.

Killing one dragon at a time is hard enough but when the irresistible impulse to slip into feral madness begins to overcome not one, but every dragon all across Faerûn, civilization's only hope may lie in the last alliance Dorn and his fellow dragon hunters would ever accept.

No matter what happens, the next year is going to be a difficult one for Dorn, and for Faerûn itself.

The Year of Rogue Dragons has come.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The story of this first book is that all dragons of the world, good and evil, are succumbing to the Rage, a curse put on all the dragons that makes them insane and bloodthirsty every century. The main character, Dorn Graybrook, is a red dragon survivor, with half his body having been replaced by metal. He becomes a half-golem and a Dragon Hunter. Dorn and his friends, after many years of dragon hunting, learn that the Rage is upon them and that a person is turning the chromatic dragons into liches.

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