The Roving Rune was a well-known inn, tavern, and brewery in Teshburl.


The inn was located in an old minaret, a former wizard's tower with four levels.


Residual magic resided in this place, most noticeably, the ever-morphing tiled mosaics covering the walls on every floor, which only moved when one was not looking. In addition, on rare occasions, a magical, bluish-green rune appeared on the tiles. Touching the rune immersed one in turquoise fairie fire.

Fourth FloorEdit

This level contained the residence of the innkeeper and his family. In 1370 DR, it was occupied by Atiq el Catahras and his wife and daughter.

Second and Third FloorsEdit

These floors contained the guest rooms, which could be rented by the night or by the hour for a moderate fee.

First FloorEdit

The ground floor contained a brewery for the tavern below.


The basement cellar was the largest room, the inn's taproom and tavern.


A hidden level existed in the minaret below the basement tavern—a magical room. In 1370 DR, it was used by the innkeeper's daughter, Oma, for her magical studies, taught by her mother, Raisa.


The Roving Rune offered a rare (for Teshburl) non-nautical theme. It provided some of the best food and entertainment around.


Atiq el Catahras inherited the tower from his uncle, who was a wizard, but he was unaware of all of the tower's secrets.

Rumors and LegendsEdit

Touching the roving rune was apparently a very pleasant experience, which was in part why the tavern maintained such a popularity. Those who were sad found their spirits brightened. For these reasons, many planned to say their goodbyes in the inn, hoping the rune would be spotted.


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