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The Ruins of Undermountain II: The Deep Levels, a box set by Jean Rabe and Norm Ritchie, is the sequel to The Ruins of Undermountain. It is the second supplement about the infamous über-dungeon, Undermountain, and is followed by three adventure modules and another sourcebook.[1]

"Looking for adventure are ye?

Looking for a place brimming with silver and gold, a place dripping with things magical?"

"I know a place far and not far from here where all of that—and more—can be had. But mind me lads and lassies, there are other things there as well—danger and risk and uncertainty, and creatures never before seen by the likes of sell-swords and wizards who tread upon the sun-lit lands of the Realms."

"This place is called Undermountain. And it is far beneath the crust of this world, yet right under fair Waterdeep. It is a dangerous labyrinth nestled deep in the bowels of the earth. It is a dungeon. I, Elminster of Shadowdale, know well. I shall tell you of these twisting corridors, and of the man who made them his. Listen ye carefully—especially if ye are intent on delving into its depths. Perhaps what I tell you could save your life."


This sequel to THE RUINS OF UNDERMOUNTAIN contains the 128-page Campaign Guide to Undermountain: The Deep Levels, a 32-page adventure booklet, a 16-page MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM booklet, four full-color, poster-size maps of the levels described in this boxed set, and a set of eight DM Assistance Cards to aid in trapping the corridors and rooms of this, the greatest and most dangerous dungeon in all the Realms.

The original campaign expansion set wasn't enough? Well, then, pack your gear and delve into The Ruins of Undermountain II: The Deep Levels. The deep-dwellers await![3]


Campaign Guide
  • Introduction
    • About The Deep Levels
    • Expanding Undermountain
    • The Truth About Undermountain
    • Rumors of The Deep Levels
    • Gates
    • Entering The Deep Levels
  • Wyllowwood
    • The Hunt
    • Core Rooms
    • Areas of Interest
  • Trobriand's Graveyard
    • Core Rooms
    • Areas of Interest
  • Muiral's Gauntlet
    • Core Rooms
    • Areas of Interest
  • New Spells
    • Priest Spells
    • Wizard Spells
  • New Magical Items
  • NPCs of the Deep Levels
Adventure Guide
  • Troglodyte Warren
    • Introduction
    • Troglodyte Raid
    • Keyed Encounters
  • Survival of the Fittest
    • Introduction
    • Regrets Only
    • Keyed Encounters
  • The Well of Shadows
    • Introduction
    • Hiding in Shadows
    • Keyed Encounters



ArlenBenita DarkwindBryndCrissannDormitDulicElminsterEulEzzatGarrik OakspearHalaster BlackcloakKumarMalMirkoMuiralNandel GreenwardRafiqaSher RedmaneSigafyse WimblySiraneSpite HarrowdaleSquchTakundTrobriandValdemarWachiruWertWyllow
Referenced only
ArcturiaHenryck VedarMalikaSzass TamXanatharYinark


air elementalapebansheebi-noubrown moldbugbearbulettecave fisherchimeracloakercockatricecrystal oozecyclopsdeath molddeep molddense puddingdriderdrowdryadelfettercapferraganfirbolgfire lizardflareaterflindgargoyleghostgiant bloodwormgiant centipedegiant hornetgiant lizardgiant ratgiant rhinoceros beetlegiant scorpiongiant skunkgiant waspgray puddinggreen dragongreen slimehauntheucuvahobgoblinhumanjuju zombiekorredlemon fishlichlizard menmargoylemaridmerrowminotaurminotaur lizardmiteogreorcotyughowlbearphase spiderpiercerpoltergeistquasitroperrot grubrusset moldsalamanderscragsea hagshadowshadow lurkershambling moundshriekersilversannskeletonslithering trackerspectrestone golemstone puddingtenebrous wormthanatartrappertrollumber hulkvampireverbeegviolet funguswater elementalwereratweretigerwerewolfwill-o'-wispworgwraithwraith spiderzombiezombie, monster


Twice As Nice
House of Song
Inns & Taverns
Gold Dragon Inn
Referenced only
DaggerdaleKara-TurMoonshaeMyth DrannorNetherilRashemenRavens BluffSkullportThayYawning PortalZhentil Keep


amulet of free passageamulet of proof against detection and locationarrow of healingboots of levitationboots of speedbracers of defensebrooch of fire resistancebrooch of shieldingcloak of arachnidacloak of Malarcloak of protectioncollar of ogre controlcomb of beautydecanter of endless waterdust of disappearancehelm of comprehending languages and reading magichorned ringperiapt of proof against poisonphylactery of long yearspipes of the sewersplate mail of missile attractionpouch of accessibilityrug of smotheringshort sword of quicknessstaff of the woodlandsstone of good lucksword of dancingTearulai
potion of extra healingpotion of fire resistancepotion of flyingpotion of healingpotion of invisibilitypotion of rainbow huespotion of sweet water
advanced illusionaffect normal firesaidair walkairy wateralter selfanimal friendshipanimal growthanimate deadanimate rockanti-magic shellaudible glameraugurybindblade barrierblessblindnessbreak limbburning handscause critical woundscause light woundscause serious woundschain lightningchange selfchantchaoscharm monstercharm personcharm person or mammalchill touchclairaudienceclairvoyancecloudkillcolor spraycommandcomprehend languagescone of coldconfusionconjure earth elementalcontagioncontinual darknesscontinual lightcreate food and watercreate watercure critical woundscure diseasecure light woundscure light woundscure serious woundscursedancing lightsdarknessdarkness, 15' radiusdelayed blast fireballdetect evildetect gooddetect invisibilitydetect liedetect magicdigdispel magicdistance distortionenervationenlargeentangleenthrallespevard's black tentaclesexactionextra-healingfaerie firefearfeeblemindfeign deathfind trapsfire trapfireballflame strikeflaming sphereflesh to stoneflyfog cloudforcecagegategiantgiant insectglitterdustglyph of wardinggoodberrygreaseguageshallucinatory terrainhammerhard waterharmhastehealheat metalhold animalhold metalhold monsterhold personhold portalhypnotic patternice stormillusionary wallimproved invisibilityimproved phantasmal forceinfratorchinfravisioninvisibilityinvisibility sphereinvisibility to animalsinvisibility to undeadirritationjumpknow alignmentlightning boltlocate objectmagic circle against evilmagic missilemass invisibilitymass suggestionmazemelf's acid arrowmelf's minute meteorsmessengermeteor stormmirage arcanamirror imagemisleadmonster summoning IIImove earthotto's irresistible dancepass without tracepasswallpermanent control temperaturephantasmal forcephantasmal killerplant growthpolymorph otherpolymorph selfprayerprismatic wallproduce fireproduce flameprotection from fireprotection from goodprotection from lycanthropesprotection from normal missilesprotection from plantsprotection from waterprotections from firepurify food & drinkpyrotechnicsrainbowreincarnationremove curseremove fearrepel insectsresist fire/resist coldreverse gravitysilence, 15' radiusslowslow poisonsnake charmsnarespeak with animalsspeak with deadspeak with plantsspeak with stonespectral handspell turningspider climbspike growthspiritual hammerstinking cloudstone shapestone tellsuggestionsummon insectssweet watertasha's uncontrollable hideous laughtertelekinesisteleportteleport without errorunseen servantvampiric touchveilventriloquismvitalitywall of firewall of fogwall of forcewall of forcewall of icewall of ironwall of stonewall of thornswarp woodwater breathingwater walkwebwind wallwishwizard lockword of recallwyvern watchx-ray vision
ring of blinkingring of fire resistancering of invisibilityring of mightring of protectionring of regenerationring of spell storingring of sustenancering of warmthring of water walking
Trobriand's wand of rejectingwand of flame extinguishingwand of magic detectionwand of magic missileswand of wonderwand of woodland wonder


Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers, & ChoristersGuild of Stonecutters, Masons, Potters, and Tile-makers
Referenced only
Clan Melairkyn





Campaign Guide
  • Design: Jean Rabe, Norm Ritchie, Donald Bingle
  • Editing: Steven Schend, Laura Craig, Linda Bingle
  • Additional development, editing, and proofreading: Karen S. Boomgarden
  • Typographical Design: Angelika Lokotz
  • Cartography: Dennis Kauth
  • Interior Illustration: Dan Frazier
  • Cover Art: Fred Fields
  • Production: Paul Hanchette
  • Design: Donald J. Bingle
  • Editing: Steven E. Schend
  • Cover Art: Fred Fields
  • Interior Art: Dan Frazier
  • Cartography: Dennis Kauth
  • Production: Paul Hanchette
  • Typography: Angelika Lokotz

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