The Serpent was a female fox hengeyokai yakuza and ninja and the shadowy leader of the Phoenix clan ninja in Nakamaru in Wa around Wa Year 1775 (1357 DR). She was also a low-ranked member of the Black Mist yakuza gang.[1][2]


Very little was known about the Serpent, not her appearance nor her race, for she remained behind a gauze or shoji screen when she held meetings with the Phoenix clan.[1] She had four bodyguards close by but rarely glimpsed, while a big vicious hunting dog was the only one to get close to her, with its head resting in her lap. She spoke in a soft and whispery voice. All Phoenix members had met her at least once, but none could recognize her.[2] They could only rumor about her beauty. None knew that she was a hengeyokai, nor that she was also a member of the Black Mist. She walked freely in public, without any disguise, being confident that nobody knew her true appearance.[1]


It was known that the Serpent was physically powerful, as well as capricious, strong-willed, and without mercy. She also loved dogs.[1]


In combat, she wielded a katana +3 or a quality-made parang, and had a dozen quality arrows, while she wore leather armor of healing +1. She was also equipped with a wand of enemy detection and a potion of fire resistance.[1]



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