The Silent Room was a temple in Suzail dedicated to the worship of the god of knowledge, Oghma. In the late 15th century DR, the temple was run by High Namer Wyndel Sedranis, a member of the Emmarask noble house. The temple housed a half-dozen priests and about one hundred laymen. It was known for its library of books on the Dragon Reach[1]

The temple was primarily concerned with fighting the schism with the Orthodox Church of Oghma.[1]


In 1357 DR Alias of Westage visited the Silent Room hoping to get help with the mysterious azure magical tattoo she woke up with one day. Unfortunately, the temple was closed until the dawn service.[2]

The temple was originally dedicated to Oghma's servant god Deneir, but he disappeared during the Spellplague and the temple became a place of worship of Oghma. A few years prior to 1479 DR, the Oghmanyte Church in Sembia relocated to the Silent Room.[1]




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