The Steel Princess's Field Guide to Tactics of the Purple Dragon was a book on military tactics and the Purple Dragons written by Her Royal Highness Princess Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr of Cormyr. It was written and published in the year 1364 DR.[1][3][2]

By the year 1372 DR, a copy of the book could be found in the Tower of Tomes of the Oghmanyte temple/library, the Leaves of Learning, in Highmoon in Deepingdale.[2] Another copy could be found in the War Library of the Abbey of the Sword, a temple to Tempus in Battledale.[3] A copy was also kept in the great fortress-library of Candlekeep.[1]



Faiths & Pantheons, page 162, presents a list of books in the Abbey of the Sword including both "The Steel Princess's Field Guide by Her Royal Highness Princess Alusair" and "Tactics of the Purple Dragon by Nacacia Obarskyr of Cormyr". This appears to be in error, based on a misreading or splitting of table entries of the earlier "Candlekeep Collection" list. No Nacacia Obarskyr is known in prior lore. Therefore, the two entries are combined for this article.


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