The Temptation of Elminster by Ed Greenwood is the third book in the open-ended Elminster series.

How do you tempt an archmage who has everything?

From a dark and dusty tomb, Elminster emerges, seeking the guidance of Mystra, and finds only silence. He is drawn into the clutches of the mysterious and sinister Lady of Shadows. The path he takes will lead to a Realm-shaking confrontation where Elminster has to make the most important choice of his long life.

Whatever he decides, the Realms will be forever changed...

The saga of the young Elminster continues! Myth Drannor has fallen, and glorious Cormanthyr lies in ruins. Elminster emerges from the rubble to serve new, human masters. Will the price of wizardly power be the young mage's very soul?


The first section (759 DR) deals with Elminster emerging from a tomb (after being freed by adventurers) where he has been trapped in stasis for a number of years. He is given a holy edict by Mystra to not use magic and to seek out the Lady of Shadows. After finding her, he becomes her court mage when she takes over the realm of Galadorna.

The second section (767 DR) tells the story of what happens to Elminster after his various temptations.

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