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The Two Swords is the last book in The Hunter's Blades Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore.

Drow stalk the shadows. Trolls infest the marshes. Orcs rule the mountains. And time is running out. Mithral Hall is under siege. Nesmé is overrun, and even powerful Silverymoon braces for war. Through it all, Drizzt has fought alone, but as the conflict draws to a bloody conclusion, the hunter will have to find allies both new and old, or die along with the rest of the civilized North.


Obould's horde has pressed the Companions of the Hall to the very gates of Mithral Hall, where Bruenor Battlehammer and his clan launch a desperate, last-ditch effort to push the orcs back. A desperate rescue attempt succeeds, with Drizzt and Innovindil rescuing the latter's pegasus, which Obould had captured and chained as a trophy, and Drizzt is unexpectedly reunited with the Companions that he long thought dead. Drizzt and the surface elf Innovindil bring their quest for the captured pegasus to a conclusion. A few more characters meet their demise in this novel.

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