The Vast Emptiness of Grace is an adventure module set in the Forgotten Realms using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition ruleset. It is part of the Avernus Rising series of adventures published for the D&D Adventurers League. It focuses on Avernus, and is an adventure designed for 11th- to 16th-level characters. It is part three of the Call for Aid series.

The divine spark has been returned to Verwyyr and Raskamedies and the time has come to return to the Material plane in search of an ancient artifact once belonging to Ilmater himself. Beneath the holy city of Elturel lay a reliquary—the Dolorous Adytum. What secrets lie in the dark parts of the world? It’s time to find out. Part Three of the Call for Aid series of adventures.[1]

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belt of storm giant strengthsoul coinspell scroll of power word: painwand of secrets
potion of superior healing
animate deadarmor of Agathysarms of Hadarblade barrierblightchill touchcommunecomprehend languagescontact other planecontrol weathercounterspellcrown of madnesscure woundsdarknessdetect evil and gooddetect thoughtsdimension doordispel evil and gooddispel magicdivinationdominate persondreameldritch blastfearfireballflyfog cloudglyph of wardinggreater invisibilitygreater restorationgust of windhold monsterhypnotic patternidentifyinvisibilitylesser restorationmage handmajor imageminor illusionmirror imagepoison sprayprayer of healingprestidigitationraise deadremove curseresurrectionrevivifyshieldshocking graspsickening radiancespeak with deadsuggestiontrue resurrectionvampiric touchwitch bolt
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