The Wall was a structure that separated the Protector's Enclave of Neverwinter from the Chasm in the late years of the 15th century DR.[1]


The Wall was built with stone, wood, and other materials taken from the debris of Neverwinter. It stretched from the Neverdeath graveyard to the House of Knowledge and the Neverwinter River.[1] Much of the Wall was made up of former manors, towers, and even one of the Guard Barracks of old. It was big enough to even soar over the other buildings of the city.[2]

The outposts across the Wall always had at least ten guards watching them, and groups of soldiers and mercenaries constantly patrolled the Wall to one end to the other, day and night.[2]


The Wall was built after the eruption of Mount Hotenow in 1451 DR, when survivors determined that they needed an effective way to protect themselves from the plaguechanged creatures spawned from the Chasm. The Wall was built using debris and other materials, and initially it was patrolled by the survivors themselves.[1]

When Dagult Neverember arrived in Neverwinter, he saw the Wall's effectiveness and hired engineers and workers to reinforce it. He also appointed a few of his Mintarn mercenaries to watch the Wall alongside the civilian volunteers.[1]

During the decade of the 1480s DR, after the Chasm was sealed, Neverember ordered the Wall to be torn down.[3]




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