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The Witch's Brew Cookbook was a book that collected recipes for hag delicacies, authored by the Green Hag of Lizard Marsh sometime before 1372 DR.[1]


This strange hag cookbook included a recipe for something called "Eye Scream". The recipe called for two tablespoons of plucked eyes of newts, two cups of brackish swamp water (from the Lizard Marsh), half a cup of lovely swamp blueberries, three whole cups of milk of gorgon (could be substituted with cow's milk), and one cup of good intentions (or some other sugary sweetener).[1]

The witch author suggested the use of a medium-sized bronze cauldron for this delicacy. Newts' eyes, blueberries, and water were all cooked, mashed, and reduced until the mixture was thick as mud. Next, on a medium fire, the sweetener was gradually stirred into the sludge. The mixing had to be done vigorously with a holly branch to avoid burning. Then, the cauldron was taken off the heat, and the milk of gorgon was slowly stirred into the cooling base. When thoroughly incorporated, the hag cook finished by casting the ray of frost spell on the mix. Then—ready to serve![1]


The Witch's Brew Cookbook could be found in the Green Hag of Lizard Marsh's lair in the Lizard Marsh to the west of Daggerford circa 1372 DR.[1]



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