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The Wizards Three was a column by Ed Greenwood published in Dragon magazine. The series debuted in September 1992 (Dragon #185), describing a meeting between Elminster of Faerûn and Mordenkainen of Oerth where they discussed inviting Dalamar of Krynn to join them. The series ended in September 2007 (Dragon #359).


Year Issue Title Citation Template
1992 Dragon #185 Magic in the Evening [citation template]
1992 Dragon #188 The Wizards Three: Sorcery from Three Worlds [citation template]
1993 Dragon #196 Three Wizards Too Many [citation template]
1993 Dragon #200 The Wizards Three: Once more the three [citation template]
1994 Dragon #211 The Wizards Three: A Night of Shadows [citation template]
1995 Dragon #219 The Wizards Three: Warmer Than Expected [citation template]
1997 Dragon #238 The Return of the Wizards Three: The Lady in Black [citation template]
1997 Dragon #242 Jest the Wizards Three [citation template]
1998 Dragon #246 The Wizards Three: The Night It Wailed Wizards [citation template]
2006 Dragon #344 A Dark and Stormy Knight: Another Evening with the Wizards Three [citation template]
2007 Dragon #359 Goodbye and Hello, as Always: One Last Evening with the Wizards Three [citation template]