Thearnytaar was an ancient kingdom of green elves created during the First Flowering in −21,400 DR.[1][2]


Thearnytaar was drawn into the War of Three Leaves against Syòrpiir and Eiellûr by the actions of assassins and spies from Ilythiir in −17,100 DR.[3][4][2]

Thearnytaar entered the Crown Wars by allying with Eiellûr and declaring war against Ilythiir after Ilythiir destroyed Syòrpiir with fire in −11,600 DR. The Sable Wars, which began in −11,450 DR, were a series of battles during the Second Crown War. Aided by a few allies from Keltormir and Shantel Othreier, Eiellûr and Thearnytaar invaded Ilythiir, aiming to reform or conquer the dark elves before they destroyed any more realms. Over half their forces were wiped out by the dark elves' corrupt magic.[3][5][6]

Around −11,200 DR, the kingdom was destroyed by the dark elf kingdom of Ilythiir during the Second Crown War.[3][5][6]

As the ages past, the ruins of Thearnytaar were taken over by the Thornwood.[1][2]


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