Thestus Thongolir was a member of the Thongolir noble family of Waterdeep in the mid–14th century DR.[1] Notably, he had been a priest of many different gods.[2]


Thestus was an old man with long gray hair, mustache, and beard and pale eyes. He wore purple robes and a gold earring in his left ear.[2]


He was one of Kyriani's lovers in 1358 DR.[2]


Thestus was a man in search of a god. He had been a priest of many faiths over the course of his life, both good gods and dark—he was once even a priest of Shar. But he could never find one to stick with and grew dissatisfied by them all, believing the gods were irresponsible and wasteful. He complained about it to any who would hear.[2]

Because every one of them turned out to be an overinflated bag of wind who squandered godly power on petty, personal things. And what's happening in the Realms today is nothing short of the gods' comeuppance.
— Thestus Thongolir on the gods, 1358 DR.[2]

So he was vindicated by the Time of Troubles in the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, when the gods were cast down for their misdeeds and forced to walk in mortal form. When a purported avatar of Selûne arrived in Waterdeep, and the goddess Shar was also feared to be present, Kyriani led Vajra to his villa to consult with him. He explained that the physical and magic chaos afflicting the Realms was growing worse and that the natural order was collapsing because the gods were not following their true purposes. He told them that he sensed Shar was at the House of the Moon.[2]

By 1372 DR, he was a noted expert in religious matters.[1]


Thestus could sense the magic emanations of godly avatars, like that of Shar.[2]


Thestus could be found at the Thongolir family villa in Waterdeep's Sea Ward.[1]



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