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Thieves' tools encompassed a wide array of equipment that aided a prospective rogue during their illicit activities. Many of these items were hand-crafted by the individual who intended to use them, but some were available through local guilds or even from Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[5]


Another set of thieves' tools.

A typical set of thieves' tools included a small file, a set of lockpicks, a small mirror, scissors, and pliers, which were meant to assist in picking locks and disarming traps.[1] More deluxe toolkits were known to include vials of acid that could eat through most metals. These tools were often carried around in either a flat, folding leather case or a rolling suede case.[3]

Possession of some thieves' tools was enough evidence for local authorities to invite the rogue for a stay in the dungeon.[5]