Thindilar was a town in the Vast in north Faerûn, located at the intersection of the Cross Road, between Blanaer and Hlintar, and Blaern's Trail, between Calaunt and Sendrin.[1][2]


Early in the Vast's history, before human rule and the settlement of Thindilar, a flying cloud castle home to cloud giants was defeated in some magical battle. It crashed in the area and tumbled across the ground, steadily obliterated as it went, causing ground tremors and leaving a trail of destruction. Debris, bits of dead cloud giant, and giant treasures were left scattered across the countryside. Dwarves looted much of the treasure, reworking them into their own artworks.[2]


By 1370 DR, Thindilar was a market town populated by artisans and craftspeople. Life there was busy and energetic, and people there had little time for wild tales of treasure and adventure in their vicinity.[2]


Despite the attitude of the locals, there were stories that some of the cloud giant treasure still lay in the area by 1370 DR, whether buried deep or hovering high in the air, suspended by a lingering trace of the cloud castle's flight magic. Most dwarves felt this highly unlikely, and the sage Elminster largely agreed. Still, in the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, a local merchant was digging out a storage-cellar to expand it when they discovered a shard of pure gold, as a big as a door, possibly lost cloud giant treasure.[2]



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