The Thinguth of the land of Thindol were a tribe originally from Katashaka, the continent from which the Chultan tribes first emigrated.[1]


The Thinguth were known around Faerûn as being particularly fast runners.[2][3] Like their Chultan cousins, the Thinguth were tall and had dark, ebony skin.[4]


Along with the Tabaxi, Eshowe, and other tribes, the Thinguth followed the teachings of Ubtao and left their homes on Katashaka to immigrate to Chult in −2809 DR. Upon arriving on the new continent, they settled the Sanrach and Thindol Basins.[1]

Millennia later, in −289 DR, the Thinguth were enslaved by the yuan-ti tribes of the Sseradess and the Sauringar. This caused a dispersion of their people over the lands that would later by Samarach and Thindol.[5] It took hundreds of years before the Thinguth were freed by Shoon soldiers from their yuan-ti and lizardfolk masters in 293 DR. The Shoon then established rule over Thindol, Tashalar, and Lapaliiya.[6]




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