The Thistledown family was a human farming family who lived in Luruar.[1]


The family did honest work, living off the land. The three generations of the family lived in a secluded farm in the western outskirts of Maldobar.[1]


In the mid—14th century DR, the renegade drow Drizzt Do'Urden had begun exploring the surface world. The human Thistledown family were the first of the goodly races he encountered since he escaped from the Underdark. He saw them as a peaceful and loving society, unlike his own family in Menzoberranzan. The family were under threat from the local gnolls, who tried to befriend Drizzt. He, however, saw their evil intentions and slaughtered the dog-faced barbarians.[1]

Some time later, the barghest Ulgulu, who was aware of the presence of a drow in the area, broke into the house and murdered the whole family, marking the bodies with Drizzt's sword, framing him and Guenhwyvar as the culprits. Even the children were not spared, who lain quietly in their beds. Like the gnolls and with the help of Guenhwyvar, Drizzt dealt with the creatures.[1]






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