Dean Thobicus was the head of the Deneiran sect at the Edificant Library in the early 1360s DR.[1]


The dean dedicated his life to the work of Deneir, his deity. As time grew, his work became questionable to others. For example, the clerics he overlooked once refused to cure a leper, known as Nameless, because they didn't want their own reputations to be impacted if they failed.[2]


Dean Thobicus greatly feared Cadderly Bonaduce's rise in power in the Deneiran sect. He treated anyone with even the slightest allegiance to his rival as an enemy, evicting some from the library, such as the resident alchemist, Vicero Belago.[3]


Thobicus had led the library for many years prior to 1361 DR. He later fell out of Deneir's favor, with Cadderly overtaking him in the "true" hierarchy of Deneir, as the young priest was a Chosen. Cadderly managed to mentally dominate the dean, giving him permission to invade Castle Trinity. The dean was wary about a bold attack so early, thus Cadderly was forced to act as such. Later, Thobicus was completely stripped of his clerical powers by Deneir.[3]

After Kierkan Rufo became one with the Chaos Curse, making him a greater vampire, Thobicus was influenced to join him in unlife. Other high-ranking clerics followed, but all met their demise at the hands of Cadderly and his companions.[4]





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