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Tholone was a baron of Galadorna during the mid–8th century DR.[1]


He wanted to be a mage.[1]


The man was heavily scarred.[1]


Though he was considered a baron of King Baerimgrim, he styled himself Lord rather than baron, and openly flouted many royal decrees. He had under his service many magelings, many of them outlanders, and quickblades. He was no friend of fellow baron Maethor.[1]


During his last decade, starting around 754 DR, Lord Tholone had willfully disregarded the royal decrees of King Baerimgrim.[1] In the Year of the Sharp Edge, 763 DR, King Baerimgrim rode to Tholone's lands with a retinue of armed knights ready to demand his renewed oath of loyalty and back taxes. The king was attacked along the way by the green dragon Arlavaunta, leading to the wounds that left him bedridden for the last year of his life.[1]

During the royal moot called by King Baerimgrim in the subsequent Year of Mistmaidens, 764 DR, where he'd name his successor, Lord Tholone spoke ill of Baron Hothal's offer to make peace with the Lords of Laothkund, and claimed to be the baron best suited to kingship because of the company of magelings he had assembled, which was a guarantee his reign would not be as bloodthirsty as the other barons' would be instead. His bid, to everyone's surprise, was supported by his fellow Baron Maethor, on the condition that Baron Belundrar be made seneschal of the Realm. Fellow baron Feldrin also made a deal with the king, pledging his support for Tholone's bid, conditional on the execution of Hothal, and the future elimination of Maethor. All so arranged, Tholone almost became king, but was slain by Court Mage Ilgrist, in truth the archmage Nadrathen, a Chosen of Mystra.[1]

Nadrathen then had Tholone's body animate and speak in support of the mage's bid for the throne, which was inconsequential.[1]


It was said that Arlavaunta attacked King Baerimgrim on Tholone's orders. He was also said to be the worst choice for King of Galadorna and even the greatest threat to freedom and life for all Galadornans.[1]




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