The Thousand Maws were a group of one hundred caves located in the Nether Mountains and were the homes of the Thousand Fists orc tribe.[2]


Many of the caverns were huge, such as Arraggar, the home of around 60 orcs, and Oltho, where roughly 70 orcs lived. The Thousand Maws were a spiderweb network of tunnels which wove throughout the mountains. Many trails spanned the outer edges of the Maws, where the orc tribes posts scouts to watch the enemies or prey.[1]


A few of the caverns were overgrown with mushrooms and the Thousand Fists tribe would used slaves to collect and farm these locations.[1]


For years the orcs of the Thousand Fists tribe dwelt on the southern passes of the Nether Mountains and fought against the Ripped Gut orc tribe over control of Moon Pass. In 1372 DR, the Thousand Fists created an alliance with their rivals after the influence of a tanarukk emissary who was sent from Hellgate Keep.[3]


The Blood of Morueme dragons hunted the fringes of the Thousand Maws causing the Thousand Fists to move their livestock underground.[1]