The Thousand Year War was a conflict between dragonkind and the giant nation of Ostoria. It began in the Time of Dragons, c. -26000 DR, and lasted until c. -25000 DR,[3] after both races reached a truce.[4]

The war began when the dragon god Garyx sent an avatar to lead a flight of red dragons to attack the giant nation. Soon afterward, all races of dragonkind were involved in the conflict.[3] The giants also created a powerful colossus construct called Vonindod to help them in the fight against the dragons.[2] The battles acquired such an epic scope that they became the source of inspiration for many dwarven, elven, and even giant classical ballads.[1]

One of the most renowned heroes of the war was the giant Hjurnur Wyrmrever, who killed many dragons single-handedly and was reputed to have challenged Tiamat in a contest of riddles. He lost that contest, however, and had to allow the Queen of Dragons devour his own child. Hjurnur died while killing a dragon king. His story was immortalized in the Saga of the Dragon Queller.[4]

After more than a thousand years of warfare, Ostoria finally reached a truce with dragonkind. Accounts of the nature of the truce were conflicting because many races accounted the event differently.[4] According to dwarven historians, the dragons wanted to end the war with the giants because they were fighting in a violent civil war that led to the separation of the chromatic and metallic species.[3][4] According to giant traditions, Annam All-Father and Garyx settled the war by playing a game of wah-ree. The game ended in a stalemate.[4] After the end of the conflict, the giants dismantled the construct Vonindod.[2]

By the time the war concluded, Ostoria had been reduced to a shadow of its former self. On the day the truce was declared, the nation occupied only the northernmost edge of Faerûn, the areas now known as the Great Glacier, the Cold Lands, and the Savage North.[3][4]


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