Thovantareth, also known as the Finder of Lost Hoards, was a brown dragon who lived in Eskorn, Laerakond.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In 1479 DR, Thovantareth was seeking lost treasures in the ruins of Firetrees when he met the adventuress Jada Marlserpent, who rightly claimed to be one of the fabled dragonheirs. Fearing the possibility that she might one day come into her full abilities, Thovantareth tried to kill her, and when she fled he pursued her all the way to the only place she would be safe from him, the village of Wandering Stones, a sanctuary for escaped slaves, in hopes the Empress Dragon Gauwervyndhal would reward him for destroying the place.[1]

Although dragons feared Wandering Stones and usually avoided the place, Thovantareth's hatred for the dragonheirs was so strong that allowed him to surpass his fear and attack the village. When he was about to destroy Wandering Stones, the spirit of the primordial Arambar temporarily awakened from his ages-long slumber because of the attack and, recognizing the invader as a dragon, Arambar killed Thovantareth effortlessly.[1]

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